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2023-01-24 – Dr. André Luhn is the New Managing Director of Morat Swoboda Motion

Morat Swoboda Motion GmbH appointed Dr. André Luhn (39 years old) to the post of managing director on January 1, 2023. The equal joint venture between Swoboda and the Franz Morat Group has been able to acquire many high-volume orders in recent years. As a result, the production facility commissioned in 2019 at the Nowa Ruda, Poland site will be expanded to 9,000 m² by the addition of a new production hall.

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2023-01-09 – Franz Morat Group reaches 100-million-euro mark

For the first time in its history, the Franz Morat Group passed the sales threshold of 100 million euros. At around 107 million euros, the sales figure is about 10% higher than that of the previous year. This greatly surpasses the goal of reaching 100 million euros in sales in 2022, which was set 10 years ago as part of the Target 100 corporate strategy. At the company meeting in the Wolfwinkelhalle event center in Eisenbach, Managing Director Gökhan Balkis covers new targets and plans as well as the political and economic challenges projected for the coming years.

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2022-09-09-speeroX – the gear set for high gear ratios in a small installation space

EISENBACH, Germany. Gear specialist Framo Morat presents the new speeroX gear set, in which the gearing of the wheel is relocated to the flat side. This results in a reduction of the installation space. speeroX enables high gear ratios in only one gear stage and is quiet and efficient at the same time.

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2022-09-08 Franz Morat Group builds training center at new plant / Additional expansion of floor space planned at company headquarters

The Franz Morat Group has moved into a new plant in Eisenbach, Germany, across the street from its headquarters on the high plains of the Höchst. The building was already acquired by the company Grieshaber Feinmechanik in 2018. Due to the expansion, the names of all the plants in Eisenbach have been extended. The name of the Framo Morat production facility carries the add-on Plant 1, while F. Morat received the add-on Plant 2.

The site of the new Plant 3 covers an area of around 3,000 m². Spread over three stories, the building has usable floor space of around 2,300 m².

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2022-05-31 Framo Morat develops gearboxes and drives for automated guided vehicles

Flexible, efficient, and reliable. Today’s intralogistics have to be all of these to be able to meet the requirements of shorter product life cycles, faster delivery times, and greater turnover rates with shrinking batch sizes. Many companies therefore rely on innovative automation solutions that ensure a standardized and automated flow of material around the clock. One example of such solutions is the automated guided vehicle (AGV), also known as the autonomous mobile robot (AMR). They are the cornerstone of an automated warehouse. Controlled by intelligent software and communication, they improve the efficiency of material flow and contribute to end-to-end optimization of the value chain.

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2021-12-17 Franz Morat Group has record year

EISENBACH, Germany. The Franz Morat Group looks back on a successful year of business with new records set in sales and incoming orders. The sales target of 100 million euros set in the Target 100 corporate strategy has nearly been reached, one year earlier than planned. Managing Director Gökhan Balkis announces a new sales target of 150 million euros by 2026 at the company meeting, held digitally again this year. Shareholder Dr. Daniel Morat thanks the staff in a live transmission from Berlin.

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2020-11-17 Framo Morat extends technology spectrum by adding Radial Gear Chamfering and deburring

In the field of metal-cutting gearing, increasingly complex and demanding component geometries require burr-free edges and precise surfaces in production. To prepare for these requirements, Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its competencies in gear cutting technology and added a RGC 350 deburring machine from TEC for GEARS to its machine pool. The Radial Gear Chamfering process allows defined and reproducible chamfers to be produced on the tooth front edges. This not only has a positive effect on the quality and functionality of the components, but is also decisive for the cost-effectiveness of parts production.
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Südkurier online – Framo Morat gründet Niederlassung in der Türkei
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antriebstechnik – F. Morat erhält ISO/TS16949 Zertifizierung
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Ingenieurbüro und Serienproduzent
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