Growth in generations – the chronology of the Franz Morat Group is closely linked to the history of a family of passionate tinkerers and inventors from Eisenbach, Germany. It began with Karl Morat, who made a name for himself early on by producing an improved tube bit. He was followed by his son Johann in 1863, founder of the parent company, which manufactured early lathes, gearing machines, gears, and tools.

Franz Morat sen.

Franz Morat, Sr. took advantage of the opportunity provided by his father’s unused original building to found Franz Morat GmbH in Eisenbach’s “Höchst” area, named for its high elevation. He got started by manufacturing manometer indicator mechanisms, small turned parts, and gears for the watch industry.

Franz Morat jun.

His son, Franz Morat, Jr., began exploring international sales markets as early as 1930, driving the company’s internationalization forward. Following the outbreak of the second world war, he returned to Eisenbach to assume leadership of the company. In 1944 he founded the company F. Morat, where plastics processing began in 1963.


Our company’s history


Franz Morat, Sr. founded Franz Morat GmbH (today Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG) in Höchst/Eisenbach.

1932 / 1936

Franz Morat, Jr. founded companies in Paris and later in London for European distribution of products from his father’s company.


Re-incorporation of Franz Morat GmbH from a limited liability corporation to a limited partnership (KG) with Franz Morat, Jr. as the sole personally liable partner.


Development of a special catalog-based product line for the popular worm gear sets.


Plastics processing begins at F. Morat & Co. GmbH, the company founded by Franz Morat, Jr. in 1944. Oskar Haberstroh, Sr. assumes leadership of the company.


Framo Morat begins development of its first custom drives.

1971 / 1972

Framo Morat moves into a new building with 5000 m² of production area. F. Morat constructs its own 1500 m² production hall.


Franz Armin Morat and Gisela Brake-Morat acquire their father’s (Franz Morat, Jr.) shares in both companies.


Oskar Haberstroh, Jr. succeeds his father and acquires his father’s shares.


Framo Morat introduces a standard series, the “Compacta” slip-on geared motor. This is followed by the “Mini” linear actuator (1984) and the “LinearChain” push/pull actuators (1995).


F. Morat begins processing high-temperature plastics (PEEK™).

1985 / 1988

Framo Morat production area enlarged by a total of 7000 m².


Fully assembled gearboxes are added to the F. Morat product line, covering everything from single parts to complete drive solutions.


Franz Robert Morat and Dr. Daniel Morat acquire their father’s (Franz Armin) shares in both companies. Gisela Brake-Morat becomes majority shareholder.


F. Morat’s product range is expanded to include design, optimization, and production of plastic gears up to module 4.


Production area of F. Morat expanded to 5000 m².


All company shares transferred to the Morat family.


Framo Morat and F. Morat become 100% affiliated companies.


The production area of Framo Morat is enlarged in a major expansion to 18,000 m².


Franz Robert Morat and Dr. Daniel Morat become sole shareholders of both affiliated companies when Gisela Brake-Morat retires.





2012 / 2013

Founding of Franz Morat Group, consisting of subsidiaries Framo Morat and F. Morat.


Framo Morat, Inc. is started in Albuquerque, NM USA.
F. Morat moves into new production site in Pfaffenweiler with a usable space of 800 m².


Founding of Framo Morat Türkiye, Ltd. in Istanbul.
Framo Morat and F. Morat establish a new production site in Poland.
Foundation of F. Morat Sistemas in Lerma, México.

2018 / 2019

Franz Morat Group and Swoboda Hartmann Group found a joint venture for e-motive projects (Morat Swoboda Motion GmbH).

Start of production in July 2019 on 4,500 m² production area in Nowa Ruda, PL.


Relocation of Framo Morat, Inc. to new headquarters in Duluth, GA with 700 m² of space for administration, repair & service as well as warehousing & logistics.


Opening of the new training center of the Franz Morat Group and expansion of the production area by 2,500 m² (Plant 3) at the headquarters in Eisenbach.

Area expansion by 1,200 m² at F. Morat México by moving into a new hall for assembly projects.


Construction of an in-house solar park to cover around 10% of the electricity requirements of the Franz Morat Group at the Eisenbach headquarters.

Opening of a new Framo Morat Türkiye location for sales, service, remote engineering and purchasing in Izmir.

Doubling the production area of ​​Morat Swoboda Motion in Nowa Ruda, PL to 9,000 m².



Strategic organizational change of the Group: Framo Morat focuses on the development and production of metal and plastic components and systems, and takes over the entire industrial business. F. Morat specializes in the development and production of drive solutions for the automotive industry.