New F. Morat Website with Automotive Focus

At the beginning of the year, the Franz Morat Group implemented an organizational change aimed at emphasizing the individual industry competencies of its subsidiaries, Framo Morat and F. Morat. As part of this strategic realignment, Framo Morat has assumed responsibility for the entire industrial business of plastic injection molding specialist F. Morat.

F. Morat, renowned for its extensive expertise in plastic injection molding technology, has since directed all resources and capacities towards the automotive sector. This includes a heightened focus on industry-specific sales, development, and production processes, with an increased level of automation and autonomy in manufacturing. By doing so, F. Morat positions itself as a strategically important supplier to the automotive industry, specializing in tailored solutions that meet the increasing demands of the automotive sector for comfort, dynamics, and efficiency.

With over 60 years of automotive expertise, F. Morat has established itself as an experienced partner for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, developing and producing innovative gearing components, hybrid parts, as well as assemblies and actuators. With extensive research capabilities, customized design and development expertise, and a high level of manufacturing depth at international locations, F. Morat offers precise solutions for the mobility of the future.

To support this strategic realignment, F. Morat now presents its new online presence, specifically tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. The website features a modern design, user-friendly navigation, and a wealth of innovative content and information on plastic injection molding technology for automotive applications. Visit F. Morat’s new website at: