Duplex gear tooth system: Worm gear sets by Framo Morat that can be adjusted for low backlash

Framo Morat presents its recently completed worm gear sets with adjustable gearing backlash. The gear variety designed as a duplex worm gear set is especially suited for drives that require positioning at precise angles with high gear ratios. This especially has to do with rotary and swivel tables that position components for processing or for automated assembly. In addition, low backlash worm gearing sets optimize optical and mechanical instruments in measurement and medical technology. Because the gearing is adjustable, instruments, components to be measured and optics can be precisely positioned throughout their entire service life.

A plus factor is that the gearing backlash can be adjusted repeatedly. If after a longer period of operation the circumferential backlash increases, the gearing can be readjusted so that it is low backlash. For this purpose, the worm shaft is shifted axially in the gear housing by small increments. This is done, for instance, using shim rings when installing the fixed bearing or by means of adjusting screws in the housing cover. The duplex gearing is distinguished by tooth flanks with different helix angles. Axial adjustment of the worm shaft results in low backlash engagement of the worm tooth pitch with the teeth of the worm gear. Worm gear sets by Framo Morat that can be adjusted for low backlash are available from module 0.3 through module 8.

The specialist for gears and transmissions from Eisenbach in the Black Forest has been manufacturing high-quality worm gear sets since 1953. Since last year, standard worm gear sets can also be ordered from our online shop. The manufacturers from Eisenbach custom design about 80 per cent of its more than a million worm gear sets annually specifically for customer and application. Varieties with a center distance of 17 to 210 mm and up to module 10 are available.

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